Setting up Stream Libraries

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1) The prebuilt version of the quick start VM does not come with some components which will be required –

JSON processing toolkit and ANT build tool to compile said toolkit.

2) Download ANT from the official website

3) Download the JSON toolkit courtesy of the lovely contributers @ GitHub.

4) Copy both into the VM and extract to any location you want (just remember where!)

5) Install ANT, It’s really just a case of adding the ANT_HOME environment variable pointing to the ${ANT_HOME}/bin directory

6) Once complete, navigate to the directory where the JSON toolkit is extracted. Run ‘ant’ and it should do some magic and compile.

7) Launch InfoSphere Streams and select any workspace


8) Under Streams Explorer on the left, right click Toolkit Locations and select Add Toolkit Location…


9) Add the Directory where the toolkit was extracted to the location



10) From now on any new projects will inherit those toolkits, HOWEVER existing projects will need to be edited via Project Explorer -> Dependencies (Right click) -> Edit Dependencies -> Add -> Browse.

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