Testing Streams connections

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1) In the previous section  step 6 involved creating a new composite, which has not been populated yet.

2) In the SPL graphical editor, add the public composite that was defined in step 11 as well as a ‘Custom as Sink’ operator to the composite canvas.BasicCanvas

3) Link them up


4) Save and then right click -> Edit with SPL Editor (if not then the code will not reflect the state of the graphical editor.

5) Match the data type and the links to that defined in the TwitterConnector composite, add the printString line to the Custom operator so that the [text] component of the input stream will be printed to the console:
stream<completeTwitterStream> TwitterConnector_1_out0 =

() as Custom_2 = Custom(TwitterConnector_1_out0)
onTuple inputStream :
printString("The tweet is " + TwitterConnector_1_out0.text);

6) Save and then right click on the corresponding namespace/application entry in the project explorer -> select new -> standalone build


7) Right click on the  standalone build configuration and select build

8) Once complete, right click again on the standalone build and select Launch, select Apply then Launch:


9) Wait for a few seconds as the connection is established. The console will then be populated with a real time sample of the tweets coming through the website:


10) So there we have it! An infinite stream of tweets for you to play around with!

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